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Be safe and anonymous with a Banana VPN account.

"Evil twin' threat to Wi-Fi users" CNN.com

The number one use of a VPN account is a secure and anonymous internet connection. If you working in an office or using your laptop at a cafe or hotel or other public place, everything you send or receive from your computer can be captured and read by anyone else connected to the same network. This is called "packet sniffing". If you are at home then your Internet Service Provider can also capture and monitor ALL your internet activity through it's proxy server.

If you read our article "What is a VPN account?" , you will understand how a VPN connection actually works and and how it can be used to protect your data.

When connected to a VPN servers you will have a new USA based IP address. Your real IP address will never be seen in public. The major benefit of this is that no one on the internet will know who you are or where you are. This is useful to prevent online attacks or to prevent threats and to have the freedom to say or write anything without fear.

There are several types of VPN technologies, the most common are SSL, PPTP. All VPN types allow you hide your IP address. At Banana VPN we offer PPTP, IPSEC, Openvpn & SSTP accounts because they offer better performance and are easier to setup and do not require extra software to install. VPN allows for encryption of up to 128bits but also supports 40bits if your computer or router doesn't support it.

All Banana accounts also use data compression technology to reduce bandwidth and increase performance of the connection.

For complete instructions on protecting your privacy and hiding your tracks we have put to together three steps to perfect privacy.

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$14.99/Month or $100/Year



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