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Learn how to bypass internet blocks in Dubai with a VPN account.

I have been to Dubai many times in the past and have always been really annoyed with their internet censorship. Most of the times you can manage by using a free web proxy service, but those are not secure at all and only work for websites. Recently i started to use Skype to make cheap phone calls to the USA and UK but when i went to Dubai i found out that Etisalat has blocked Skype, Viber, MSN and any Voice software because they have a monopoly over phone calls. They even block sites like Friendster, Hi5, Okrut , Flickr and Youtube! To get around all these restrictions i setup a VPN service which routes all internet traffic over an encrypted tunnel through the internet, then suddenly everything just worked!

"Many thanks for your email, your easy instructions made it easy and i am able to view blocked sites. I was trying everywhere and spent over $200 buying various programs from the net but still was unable to view sites, but finding your web site was a absolute magic" - Anonymous user


How does it work?

In order to use the service you will need a PC or MAC with a broadband router and internet connection. Once you sign up for an account you will receive the IP address of the VPN server and your username and password. No extra software is needed. Instructions for setup will also be provided. Once you setup your pc to connect to our server you can start and stop the service any time you like.

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